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1Resveratrol-Based Multivitamin Supplement Increases Sperm Concentration and Motility in Idiopathic Male Infertility: A Pilot Clinical Study
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14Individualised Homeopathic Medicine in the Treatment of Infertility: A Case Series
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16Retinoic acid can improve autophagy through depression of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR signaling pathway via RARa to restore spermatogenesis in cryptorchid infertile rats
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19Yoga Effects on Anthropometric Indices and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Symptoms in Women Undergoing Infertility Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
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20Influence of clinical and paraclinical variables of the patient in the failure to achieve a pregnancy after embryotransfer: statistical analysis evaluation
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22WGCNA Analysis Identifies Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-Associated Circular RNAs That Interact with RNA-Binding Proteins and Sponge miRNAs
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23Effectiveness of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors on the treatment of thin endometrium and pregnancy outcomes: An systematic review
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25Therapeutic Potential of Date Palm against Human Infertility: A Review
Maham Shehzad,Hina Rasheed,Summar A. Naqvi,Jameel M. Al-Khayri,Jose Manuel Lorenzo,Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Alaghbari,Muhammad Faisal Manzoor,Rana Muhammad Aadil
26Shared aspects of mRNA expression associated with oocyte maturation failure in humans and rhesus monkeys indicating compromised oocyte quality
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28Hysteroscopy as a Primary Tool in Exploration and Treatment of Infertility: Single Center Experience in Western Romania
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29Evaluation of the Risk of Birth Defects Related to the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology: An Updated Systematic Review
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32Pelvic inflammatory disease in the adolescent and young adult: An update
Donald E Greydanus,Maria Demma Cabral,Dilip R. Patel
33Examining Lived Experiences of Infertility and Perceptions Toward the Adoption of Children in Urban India
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35Stem Cells and Organs-on-chips: New Promising Technologies for Human Infertility Treatment
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37Hysterolaparoscopy: A Gold Standard for Diagnosing and Treating Infertility and Benign Uterine Pathology
Valentin Varlas,Yassin Rhazi,Eliza Clo?ea,Roxana Georgiana Bor?,Radu Mihail Mirica,Nicolae Bacalba?a
Journal of Clinical Medicine.2021;10(16)3749
38Mogroside V Improves Follicular Development and Ovulation in Young-Adult PCOS Rats Induced by Letrozole and High-Fat Diet Through Promoting Glycolysis
Lan’e Huang,Aihong Liang,Tianlong Li,Xiaocan Lei,Xi Chen,Biyun Liao,Jinru Tang,Xiting Cao,Gang Chen,Fengyu Chen,Yiyao Wang,Linlin Hu,Weiguo He,Meixiang Li
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39Sonographic Evaluation of Various Causes of Female Infertility: A Literature Review
Hafiza Iqra Kanwal,Munaza Shahid,Raham Bacha
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40Impact of modified intracytoplasmic sperm injection technique on in vitro fertilization outcomes
Rohit Bansal,Gaurav Majumdar,Abha Majumdar,PuneetSingh Lall
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41The Male Is Significantly Implicated as the Cause of Unexplained Infertility
Robert John Aitken
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine.2020;38(01)003
42Clinicians’ Perceptions of Norwegian Women’s Experiences of Infertility Diseases
Alexandra Fernandes,Lotte-Lise Skotnes,Maria Major,Pedro Fontes Falcão
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.2020;17(3)993
43Dietary Supplements for Female Infertility: A Critical Review of Their Composition
Amerigo Vitagliano,Gabriel Cosmin Petre,Francesco Francini-Pesenti,Luca De Toni,Andrea Di Nisio,Giuseppe Grande,Carlo Foresta,Andrea Garolla
44Dietary Supplements for Female Infertility: A Critical Review of Their Composition
Larisa Suturina
45A Multidisciplinary Quality of Care Path For Couple Infertility: Development of An Integrated Approach Founded on A Multidisciplinary, Personalistic, and Ecological Model For Couple Fertility
Giuseppe Grande,Walter Colesso,Stefano Gava,Umberto De Conto,Mario Cusinato
The Linacre Quarterly.2022;89(2)165
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